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Испания, Barcelona, Carretera de Ratpenat a Plana Novella, Km 3.5 Испания, Barcelona, Carretera de Ratpenat a Plana Novella, Km 3.5
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Parque del Garraf - a natural park in a mountainous area just half an hour from the center of Barcelona. On the west side, the park is bordered by Sitges. The vast territory of the natural park is spread over 12 820 hectares and consists of a limestone massif, covered with caves, ravines, moats, stone natural wells, valleys, depressions and karst craters. Garraf's vegetation is rather scarce because of the constant drought: here you can find grape valleys, oak groves, honeysuckle bushes and palm trees closer to the coast. However, the local wildlife is more finger: the park is inhabited by wild boars, martens, rabbits, badgers, partridges, many reptiles and rare species of birds of prey. In Parque del Garraf, pedestrian routes are developed that run through various places of interest: the ruins of ancient castles of Olivella and Eramprunyà, numerous fortifications, churches, mountain villages and abandoned medieval farms. Among the attractions of the natural park Garraf can be distinguished Plana Novella. This is a modernist-style mansion, where, since 1996, Tibetan monks founded the monastery of Sakya Tashi Ling. They conduct a tour of the mansion and invite everyone to dine in the monastic dining room. Parque del Garraf provides free bicycle rental and bicycle wheelchair rental services. The rental point is located in the territory of the historic Villa La Pleta. There you can get detailed information brochures about the park.
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