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Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de l'Església, 92 Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de l'Església, 92
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The largest urban park in the world - Collserola is located in the Barcelona area, near the Tibidabo mountain. The park covers 8465 hectares, which is 8 times the area of ​​the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, 22 times the area of ​​the Central Park in New York. The place is really unique, in terms of geographical location, diversity of flora and fauna, landscape. The relief of the mountain range of the coast of Catalonia appeared about 300 million years ago, gradually forming amazing landscapes, bulls and green forests. For the Mediterranean is characterized by such picturesque landscapes. Evergreen oak - one of the rarest trees on the planet - can be seen here. Some specimens growing in the park are over 1000 years old. In total, the park has 10 million trees, which emit 60 million tons of oxygen per year. It is safe to admit that Collserola is the green lungs of Catalonia. Unfortunately, it irretrievably disappears. This happens as a result of unreasonable human activity. The senseless destruction of trees and other vegetation is destroying nature. Oak grows quite slowly. So, seedlings are grown for 12 years only in order to plant them in open ground. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of young trees for a long time. White pine - not less amazing tree, which takes root quite well in open ground. Three hundred year old pine stands at the entrance to the park and is a symbol of San Cugat. The vegetation on the meadows is also interesting: bramble, maloi, bodyak, poppy. There are also many streams with bridges, dirt roads and trails in Collserola. Travelers come across just a huge amount of healing water sources. The park is home to wild animals: wild boar and reed cat, fox and marten, weasel, badger, rabbit and hedgehog. Amphibians peacefully coexist: giant turtles, tree frogs, salamander. In Collserola Park there are many interesting paths and roads with overgrown staircases, abandoned castles. Some of them are not one hundred years old! There are cycling trails. And even cable cars for the most courageous.
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