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Испания, Barcelona, Autovia de Castelldefels, Испания, Barcelona, Autovia de Castelldefels,
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The Remolar-Filipines Natural Park is a great place near Barcelona El Prat Airport. Here you can take a break from urban landscapes, enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean wetlands and watch the birds abundantly inhabit this natural reserve. Remolar-Filipines is spread over 188 hectares and includes a large Remolar pond, Filipines bog, Sant-Climent river, pine forests and part of Vilamoura beach. The natural park is of great ecological importance, since it is a resting place for migratory birds traveling from the Iberian Peninsula to Africa. In total, more than 330 species of birds staying in the park were counted. Remolar-Philippines has an observatory with two bird watching towers. Among the waterfowl here you can see such as herons, cormorants, ducks and lapwing birds. The whole walk in the Remolar-Filipines Park will take an average of 45 minutes, but keep in mind that entry with dogs in the swimming season and on bicycles is prohibited here at any time of the year. In the park parking and picnic area. On Sundays in the morning free guided tours.
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