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Испания, Barcelona, Ctra 5119, Km 2,2 Испания, Barcelona, Ctra 5119, Km 2,2
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Parc Natural del Montseny is a mosaic of Mediterranean and Central European landscapes, just an hour’s drive from Barcelona. The terrain was declared a natural park in 1978. The massif consists of three mountain clusters - the Touro de l'Ome mountain range with the highest point in 1706 m, Les Agudes in 1703 m, Matagals with the peak height of 1697 meters and Mount Pla de la Calma with the Puig Drau peak in 1344 m. Montseny Nature Park has several developed hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty according to your skills. Differences in altitude and climate contribute to the exuberant diversity of the environment, the alternation of forests, rocks, swamps, agricultural land, streams, lakes. After wandering through the mountains, densely covered with green vegetation, you can go down to the tiny village of the same name and enjoy the wonderful local cuisine. At night you can stay in a comfortable hotel or arrange a campsite. But perhaps the most distinctive overnight stay awaits you in a real Catalan country house. Montsen Nature Park is rich in sights and offers services of guides, restaurants, bars, hotels. In addition to hiking and climbing, you can fly a balloon, admire the many megaliths and ride horses.
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