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Египет, البحر الأحمر, , Египет, البحر الأحمر, ,
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Paradise Island, or Paradise Island, is located in the southeastern part of the Red Sea. This island is small, from a distance resembling a sun-scorched spot with a single palm tree in the middle. The water in this part of the sea is unusually warm and incredibly clean, and the sandy beach is white, shallow and clean. You can enter the sea from the island without any problems - the entrance to the sea is smooth and convenient. Corals are almost completely absent around the island. The beach has umbrellas in the form of palm trees, under which you can relax comfortably, several bars with drinks and snacks, several cafes, as well as a toilet. The island is always worth a lot of yachts, because many tourists come here for the excursion program, which must be a visit to this amazing island.
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