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Алтайский край, г Барнаул Алтайский край, г Барнаул
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Barnaulka - the left tributary of the Ob. Gave the name of the city of Barnaul, located at the mouth of the river. The headwaters of the river are forest lakes, located in the center of a pine forest near the villages of Peschanoye and Voronikh. The river, which had previously flowed from the flow-through lakes (Zerkalnoye, Urlapovskoe, Srednyaya, Bakhmatovskoe), has now become shorter by 40 km, and the flow-through lakes themselves provide it with water through the system of marshes and wetlands drying in summer. The composition of the ichthyofauna of Barnaulka is represented by 9 species belonging to 4 families: pike, cyprinid, loachworm, perch. In the mainstream there are minnow, pinching, pike and roach. Gold carp, tench and lake minnow are marked in floodplain waters. Silver carp and perch inhabit both the channel and floodplain biotopes. The Siberian plucking is attributed to the most rare species. The likely reason for the decline of this species is the deterioration of water quality and habitat conditions. Heavy water pollution at the mouth of the river creates an impassable threshold for Ob fish. There are ermine, mink, badger, moor frog, sand lizard, viviparous lizard, as well as hedgehog, beaver, chipmunk, vole, fox, weasel, and columns. Among the birds, near the river, they winter: great tit, schoolboy, puhlyak; and also nest: fieldfare, tenkovka, gray Slavka and starling.
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