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Кемеровская обл, г Кемерово Кемеровская обл, г Кемерово
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Regarding the origin of the toponym "Tom" there are various hypotheses. In particular, the famous linguist and historian A. M. Kondratov came to the conclusion that the river name dates back to the language of the now very small Kets people. A number of toponymists indicate the possible meaning of the word "Toom" (Tom) as a common noun: "river", and according to A.P. Dulzon, this word means "dark." In Tomsk there is a legend about a Tatar beauty named Tom, who gave her name to the river. The source of Tomi is located on the western slopes of the Abakan range, on a swampy slope between the northern spurs of the Karlygan ridge and Mount Tomi mountain. The height of the source - 903 m above sea level. The first kilometers flow along a marshy valley in a south-westerly direction called Right Tom. There are a lot of rocky cliffs along the river. On the banks of the river there is a large number of geological monuments of nature: Anikin stone, stone "Fighter", Blue Cliff, Camp Garden, Ob-Tomsk interfluve, Tutal rocks, Tomsk pisanitsa. The last of the listed attractions, which is a rock spotted with petroglyphs, is also a cultural and historical monument of ancient Siberia. In the 20th century, Academician A.P. Okladnikov and Dr. B.A. Frolov were involved in the study of Tomsk petroglyphs.
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