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Тульская обл, г. Тула Тульская обл, г. Тула
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The funnel is a river in the Tula region of Russia, a left tributary of the Upa. The length of the river is 25 km. The funnel starts southwest of Kosaya Gora (the southern part of Tula) and west of Yasnaya Polyana. A few centuries earlier, the Funnel was called Crow. On the river Voronya, on June 12, 1607, one of the major battles of the uprising led by Bolotnikov took place, during which the rebels were defeated and were turned back to Tula. In the dammed part of the river near the Kosogorsky bridge on the Shchekino highway in Tula there are: perch, pike, crucian carp. On the right bank of the Voronki there is the Yasnaya Polyana estate, where Leo Tolstoy lived and worked.
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