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The island of Umm Gamar is located one hour from Hurghada to the northeast. Scuba divers have chosen this place, as it is ideal for diving and is very close to Carless reef. Particularly interesting for observing the plateau in the south. A huge delightful coral garden covers most of the plateau. Leaving down this garden looks unique and fabulous. The eastern wall of the reef abruptly goes down, forming a 50-meter cliff. At a depth of 27 meters of this cliff you can see the cave. If you want to get a lot of unforgettable and vivid impressions, then you should make a descent to the southeast of the plateau. Move north along the eastern wall of the reef, covered with the most amazing representatives of the flora, look at the creepy-looking cave, and, having received a portion of thrills, boldly return to the anchorage. In this case, the reef should be on your right hand.
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