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Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de Miramar, 38 Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de Miramar, 38
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Mossen Costa and Llobera (Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera) is the name of a unique botanical garden set up on Montjuic. In a thoughtful and meaningful corner of nature, the natural Mediterranean flora is combined with a variety of succulents, the royal huge cacti coexist with medicinal plants and slender palm trees. The Llober Garden, opened in 1970 and dedicated to the Catalan classic poet Mikel Costa Llobere, a native of Mallorca, author of the poem Formentor, a great connoisseur of flowers and botanical rarities. In the gardens, located on a slope facing the sea, a unique microclimate is preserved. The calmness and abundance of the sun makes the atmosphere above the garden warmer than other Barcelona areas. Among the green inhabitants, cacti prevail - more than 800 species of succulents - natives of Australia, America, and Africa. Palm trees grow here - dozens of exotic tree species of non-Spanish origin. The idea of ​​creating a reserve of exotic flora on Montjuic came from the Barcelona authorities in the sixties. The garden was opened on a vacant lot, formerly owned by the Spanish military (air defense batteries were based here). At first cacti reluctantly got accustomed to the rocky soil, had to import new soil, fertilizer. Now plants in Montjuic feel great. The garden is guarded by the municipality, but there is practically no staff in it: landscape works, watering, maintenance, cleaning are done by volunteers. Entrance to the garden is free.
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