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в 9 км к северу от побережья Хургады в 9 км к северу от побережья Хургады
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The history of this warship is overgrown with numerous legends, which makes its remains lying on the Red Sea bottom even more interesting. Once a minesweeper belonged to the USSR, after which it was transferred to the Egyptian fleet. In 1967, during a military conflict, a squadron of Israeli aircraft flew into the ship. A long and heartbreaking battle took place, during which the ship was sinking, then popping up, and the planes, returning (after refueling and replenishment of ammunition), watered it again and again with their turns. By the way, according to one of the versions, the minesweeper "El Mina" was sunk not during the battle, but a couple of years later, when he hit one of his own Egyptian mines. El Mina lies on its right side at 30 meters depth and is available only to divers with AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver) certificate. There is a hole in the nose of the minesweeper - the place where the bomb dropped from one of the planes got into; through this hole you can climb through the inside of the ship.
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