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Night city

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Тула, Каминского, 24 Тула, Каминского, 24
+7 920 741-07-77 +7 920 741-07-77
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CLEVER BAR - bar, free from stereotypes. There are no rules and censorship. This is not just a place where you can have a good drink and eat, this is a kind of club, where it is always nice to meet with friends, relax, watch football, discuss the latest news. This is loud music, brutal men, otvyazny girls, beer in large mugs, good chunks of meat, extraordinary menu and reasonable prices. “CLEVER BAR is a good place for noisy meetings. We wanted to create an institution that is fundamentally different from all the others in Tula. The place where every guest will feel "his", where every friend is to you. Whether it's a bar employee or a company at a nearby table, ”says Ivan Lykhin, director of the bar. “Our team tried to create not only a simple, understandable to everyone, but also the most atmospheric institution. Why did clover become a symbol of our bar? It's simple. It is believed that the four-leaf clover brings good luck to the finder, especially if it was found by chance. So a new sign was born: I went to CLEVER BAR - I was charged with luck at full capacity. Checked! "
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