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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Tuset, 19 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Tuset, 19
+34 937 00 44 53 +34 937 00 44 53
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Summer in Barcelona is the time of parties, celebrations and holidays. Wear your most amazing dress and go look for inspiration and adventure in the twenties of the last century. Unbridled fun with music, champagne, the best jazz, dancing till you drop and, of course, the inimitable style of art deco. The style of the “Gatsby Era” is a superfluous decor, bright lamps, gold ornaments, expensive materials and exotic details. It is in this style that the room of the Gatsby Club, one of the most fashionable establishments in Barcelona, ​​is decorated. Gatsby is an elegant New York style establishment, where guests can enjoy a varied entertainment program, cabaret shows, gourmet cooking and a creative cocktail menu. Luxury, fun and jazz, these are the main components of the concept of this glamorous club-restaurant, where Barcelona actors, football players and their beautiful friends come to rest after a working day. The menu includes creative dishes from seasonal products, sophisticated gastronomy for connoisseurs of fine cuisine. French oysters, black beluga caviar, Kamchatka crab, steak tar tar. Lobster and avocado cannelloni, oyster ceviche with passion fruit and black garlic dressing. We recommend you to drink this riot of taste with Champagne Veuve Clicquot, Moet Shandon or Dom Perenon, depending on your appetite this night. The average bill per person without alcohol is about 60 euros. Book a table in advance. The show starts at 23:00, so tune in for a late dinner.
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