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Night city

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Тула, Красноармейский проспект, 19 Тула, Красноармейский проспект, 19
+7 487 252-50-25 +7 487 252-50-25
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The lack of pomp and pathos is a kind of pub trick. It has a simple and democratic atmosphere. She appears in everything. In the round arches of the ceiling, giving a sense of security. In cozy leather sofas, where you can relax. The posters, flags hung on the walls, bright graffiti that absorbed the spirit of Ireland. Huge screens, a big stage, an attractive bar counter - these are the attributes of Herats. The kitchen can not be called exquisite. She presents beer snacks. But you can not refuse her color and originality. From the hot can be noted stew with meat, cooked in fresh "Guinness". Juicing escalope, grilled. The highlight of the menu is roast Dublin sausages. But the beer here is in a huge assortment: German, Czech, French. From drinks, you can choose a classic whiskey, and the author's cocktail, and English tea. There are no waiters at Herats. Customers will be met by smiling bartenders awaiting orders at the counter. No one has ever complained about the level of service. You will not keep waiting for the order. But they will make you smile. From entertainment try darts and board games. Pleasant background and sometimes live music, uplifting. If you want to drink some fresh draft beer, go to a fun party or meet with a group of friends, Herats Pub is the perfect place.
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