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Night city

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Тула, Октябрьская, 306 Тула, Октябрьская, 306
+7 950 903-06-13 +7 950 903-06-13
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The most powerful and brutal rock club in the city. Club house of the Black Legion bike club. The best sound and light in the history of rock clubs in our city (according to visitors). Very atmospheric platform with amazing energy and impact from the hall (according to reviews of musicians). At the moment, we have managed to perform such groups as Lumen, Mara, Murakami, Animal Jazz, Elysium, Kalinov Most, Va-Bank, Louna, Cockroaches, SLOT, 7 Race, Psyche, PTWP, Master, Arkona, Black Obelisk, Epidemic, Black coffee, Louna, Brigadier in a row, Troll Opple Spruce, Prince, Kukryniksy, Northern Fleet, Bricks, Caliban, Catharsis, FPG and many others. M2 is a club for lovers of real, live music! In our menu: ROCK! The best sound and light, warm atmosphere, live communication with musicians.
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