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Night city

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Греция, Athina, Triptolemou, 35 Греция, Athina, Triptolemou, 35
+30 698 091 2622 +30 698 091 2622
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Pretty famous club in Athens - The Penthouse. In this club, music is the main act, as well as in other Greek clubs. Many young people, tourists who create a cheerful dance mood and the atmosphere of this holiday. A large dance floor is usually crowded. In The Penthouse, parties are often held by famous DJs. The club has excellent acoustic equipment, spectacular lighting effects. The club bar is constantly working with a rich assortment of refreshing and alcoholic beverages, and snacks. The club often hosts various theme parties that are very popular among local youth and foreign tourists. Sometimes Rembetika plays here - a famous musical style in Greece, opposing itself to popular culture. In The Penthouse you can order a late dinner, the kitchen here is not bad, a large selection of national dishes and dishes of other countries at reasonable prices. Strict face-control in the club is missing, so the audience is very diverse.
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