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Новосибирская область, г. Новосибирск, ул. Выборная, 91а Новосибирская область, г. Новосибирск, ул. Выборная, 91а
+7 383 244-32-20 +7 383 244-32-20
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The Albatross sports and recreation complex is located in a pine forest almost in the center of the city. Two slopes of medium length (210 and 290 m) are equipped with a drag lift with a support arm for the back. A snow cannon and a snowcat work on the territory. On the territory of the Albatross complex there is a rental of mountain skis, snowboards and other equipment, as well as ice skates. There is a skating rink, a recreation center, a sports equipment store. A skier’s children's school is open all year. Children from five years old are engaged in alpine skiing under the guidance of experienced trainers-instructors. Adult beginners are also offered individual and group classes.
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