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г Новосибирск, ул Кошурникова, д 39/1 г Новосибирск, ул Кошурникова, д 39/1
+7 383 303-40-00 +7 383 303-40-00
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Friendship Bar & Grill - juicy steaks for friends on a live fire in the Argentine bath! The Friendship Grill Bar is not only a beautiful landscape of Novosibirsk from panoramic windows to the floor, but also a popular restaurant with bright, stylish details and a cozy interior. A lot of wood, hall zoning, a banquet hall and rich colors create a measured atmosphere of a festive holiday. This place can be safely called the focus of musical life. The local format is made up of a variety of musical styles. Every weekend performances of colorful dj, popular music bands and performers. Also in Friendship you can spend your family fun and comfortably, especially with small children. On Sundays for kids are fun entertainment. The status of one of the best restaurants in Novosibirsk corresponds to both the menu and the bar list. Absolute hits of European, Uygur, Russian cuisine in a light ironic serving, fragrant dishes from first-class meat cooked on a live fire, and fantastic cocktails based on rare ingredients give a strong feeling that the concept of "everyday life" simply does not exist here. Business lunches, romantic dinners, celebrations of significant events in your life, noisy parties, fashion shows, sports events are the best place to meet friends and not even think up if you want. Barbecue Friendship - a delicious oasis in a noisy metropolis. 39/1 Koshurnikova St. - 3rd floor; TC Niva Center
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