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Россия, Республика Татарстан, Зеленодольский район, поселок Октябрьский Россия, Республика Татарстан, Зеленодольский район, поселок Октябрьский
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Kazan Planetarium is a unique place. This is the only complex of this kind in Russia that was established at the time at the Kazan Federal University. The planetarium was laid on the territory of the V. Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory on an area of ​​about 21 hectares. Opened in 2013, it will become part of the future of Astropark, a scientific, educational, educational and entertainment facility. The planetarium has absorbed the best world experience and knowledge about equipping such complexes. When developing sketches, experts analyzed 22 planetariums in different parts of the world and, eventually, created their Kazan ideal. The main building of the complex has a spacious auditorium with 87 seats, equipped with the most modern technology. The complex system of projectors and a huge dome-shaped screen with an inclination of 10 degrees create the effect of three-dimensional images. The exterior and interior of the building in the spirit of space themes are not less impressive. On comfortable folding chairs, viewers immerse themselves in the mysterious 3D world of stars, planets, travel to remote corners of the solar system. Today, the planetarium offers to enjoy a whole range of popular science films. The collection includes Black Holes, Darwin Evolution, and Galactic Development. The film library is actively replenished. In the lobby of the planetarium children will especially like it. Here you can get acquainted with the work of Foucault's pendulum, Tesla plasma balls, robots dancing to the music, the model of the globe that hangs in the air, held by the power of two magnets. In addition to the planetarium, there are 12 ancient, still operating telescopes on the territory of the observatory. You can see them only during night excursions, as the stars are not visible during the day. In front of the building there is an armillary sphere - a favorite place for photo shoots of the guests of the observatory, and a “magic 55th meridian” is drawn next to the sphere on the asphalt. They say that this meridian fulfills any desires! You just need to step over the "wizard". There are on the territory of the observatory and a sundial that shows the exact time for this place. However, this time does not coincide with the fact that on your watch, since the wrist walks are running at averaged Moscow time. In the observatory museum in two exhibition halls there are various telescopes, historical documents, old photographs depicting significant events and people participating in them. And unique cedars grow here, and it is for this sight that botanists come to the observatory. The Observatory of Kazan Federal University was founded in 1901 by Vasily Pavlovich Engelhardt, who gave his brainchild the best astronomical equipment in Europe and donated 200 thousand gold (the amount is now comparable to 200 billion rubles). This money was confiscated during the revolution. Today, the observatory is being reborn. A serious scientific base has been created, highly qualified specialists have been trained, and a planetarium has been built. By the way, in the Soviet years, until the end of the 80s, the planetarium was located in Kazan in the lower Sretensky church of the Peter and Paul Cathedral.
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