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респ Крым, Черноморский р-н, Черноморское, село Оленевка респ Крым, Черноморский р-н, Черноморское, село Оленевка
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There is a place on the western coast of Crimea, which is familiar to every diving lover. Of course, this is Cape Tarkhankut. Cape is considered one of the best diving sites in Crimea. The water area of ​​Tarkhankut is very clean and attracts with its flora and fauna, but the “Avenue of Chiefs” underwater museum is of particular interest. It is located 100 meters from the coastline of Greater Atlesh at a depth of about 12 meters. The underwater museum of Tarkhankut was founded on August 25, 1992. A year before the creation of the underwater museum, V. Borumensky delivered and installed a monument to V.I. at Cape Tarkhankut. Lenin, which was dismantled in Donetsk. But a year later, the monument was destroyed by vandals. It was then that it was decided to move the monument to the bottom of the Black Sea. Thus, this sculpture became the first museum exhibit of the “Avenue of Leaders”. Now busts of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergey Yesenin, Vasily Shukshin, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Blok and others are on the seabed. In the underwater museum of Tarkhankut there are more than fifty exhibits, and this is far from the limit.
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