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Омская обл, г Омск, Советский округ, Институтская пл, д 1 Омская обл, г Омск, Советский округ, Институтская пл, д 1
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Dendropark "Green Pearl", the park of the Omsk Agrarian University, established in 1920. It is located on Bald Mountain. Through the efforts of students and employees of the Institute, Lysa Hora became a green massif: larch, spruce, Siberian pine, linden and birch were planted here. Later, planting of oak, thuja, juniper, cotoneaster was laid, and the park was decorated with groups of blue spruce trees. And in the upper part of the park grow lilac, jasmine, barberry, apple tree, silver fox; a wonderful flower garden was broken, which was not equal in any other city in Siberia, for example, the local collection of gladioli and dahlia numbered up to 200 varieties. The territory of the pristine feather grass steppe, which previously covered all the Irtysh region, was also preserved. You can meet squirrels in the park, birds nest in oak and birch groves. The park has a botanical garden, registered in the international gardening directory "Botanical Gardens of the World." He is a member of the Council of Botanical Gardens of Siberia and the Far East.
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