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Омская область, Омск. ул. Ленина, 8а Омская область, Омск. ул. Ленина, 8а
+7 381 223-47-96 +7 381 223-47-96
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The Omsk Academic Drama Theater is one of the oldest in Russia: the drama (professional) theater in Omsk was founded in 1874. His story is still of interest to the audience; they want to know as much as possible about the performances and actors of their favorite theater.  The collection of the museum department, which is still being replenished, covers many aspects of the theater: “Russian classics on the Omsk stage”, “Eternal myth”, “Actress”, “American play on the Omsk stage” - for the visit to Omsk in 1992 of the Milwauke theater repertoire) , “Moliere - Today” - to the tours of the Polish Theater Nova, exhibitions devoted to the work of the national artists of Russia Nozeri Tonishvili, Alexander Schegolev, Boris Kashirin, Elena Psareva, Honored Artist of Russia Valeria Prokop. Currently, there are exhibitions “Memories”, “The performance is on today” and others.
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