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Омская область, г. Омск, сквер им Д.М. Карбышева Омская область, г. Омск, сквер им Д.М. Карбышева
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Dmitry Karbyshev was born in Omsk on October 26, 1880. In 1898 he graduated from the Omsk Cadet Corps, and then the Nikolaev Military Engineering School. He was a member of the Russian-Japanese, World War I and the Great Patriotic War. The sculptural composition is a high granite base on which the bust of the general is located. Behind the monument there are eight concrete slabs, on which it is written: “General Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev, a native of the city of Omsk, during the Great Patriotic War showed exceptional courage and resilience in the fight against enemies. While in fascist prisons and camps, he retained the honor and dignity of a Soviet citizen, scientist, communist. True to the oath, the patriot preferred death to betrayal. Eternal glory to the heroes of those who fell in the battles for the freedom and independence of our country. ”
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