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Омская область, г. Омск, Сквер имени 30-летия ВЛКСМ Омская область, г. Омск, Сквер имени 30-летия ВЛКСМ
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One of the most beautiful urban squares was laid in the spring of 1949 on the site of the former merchandise yard of the city’s railway line. The authors of the square project are Omsk architects V.D. Doos, I.N. Ratko and A.Yu. Yumakaev. For years, city authorities and local youth organizations planted trees and shrubs here. At the entrance to the square, a wide floral carpet is arranged, and behind it is a platform from which the rays of the pedestrian paths diverge. In the center of the site in 1956, installed a cascade fountain "Izobilny". The lighting design of the green zone was created by the project of architect LD. Libgott The square is protected by a cast-iron grate set on a stone base of an elegant pattern. There are benches in the square, playgrounds for children's entertainment are equipped. In the year of the 300th anniversary of Omsk, the renewed square became a ground for celebrations, over 60 events took place on its territory, for example, the district exhibition of green building, floriculture and gardening Flora 2016 took place here.
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