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Омская обл, г Омск, Центральный округ, ул Достоевского, д 1А Омская обл, г Омск, Центральный округ, ул Достоевского, д 1А
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The exhibition square is located in the very center of Omsk on the picturesque bank of the Omi near the historical and cultural complex "Omsk Fortress" and other sights. In the distant past, the Omsk Fortress parade was located here, and later - the Garden of Officers. In 1965, special pavilions appeared in the park for organizing the exhibition and sale of garden crops, various exotic plants, as well as floriculture and gardening products. Today, in the Exhibition Square, walking alleys are set up, recreational facilities, a labyrinth of romantic paths and a cascade of small slides are equipped. In the square, various thematic events, creative meetings of gardeners are held, various environmental excursions for schoolchildren and students take place. Brighter and more crowded here in the days of the annual city exhibition of green building, floriculture and gardening "Flora", where flower beds and landscape compositions appear everywhere.
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