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Оренбургская обл, г Оренбург, Центральный р-н, ул Володарского, д 13 Оренбургская обл, г Оренбург, Центральный р-н, ул Володарского, д 13
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The Orenburg shawl has almost 250-year history, which can be found in the gallery "Orenburg shawl." Here you can also learn about the features, traditions and prospects for the development of this craft. The museum collection contains products of Orenburg masters. The first half of the twentieth century is shown in individual works. The authors of the scarves of this period, as a rule, are unknown. The earliest monument of Orenburg puhovyazaniya in the museum collection - a scarf of the Butovo family, which dates from the beginning of the twentieth century. Until today, this cobweb remains the easiest in the collection: its weight is only 40g. The second half of the 20th century is represented most fully in the collection. During this period, the Orenburg openwork shawl does not have a tight kerchief knit. Today the scarf is emphasized decorative.
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Aleksandr Aleksandrov about 2 months ago
Музей скажем прямо не очень большой. Здания красивой старой постройки. Но главное не сам музей, а что в нем. У нас говорят кто не видел Оренбургского платка у того не с чем сравнивать. Здесь собрана большая коллекция платков. Не знай, как мужикам, а баб за уши не оттянешь.
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