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г Севастополь, село Озерное г Севастополь, село Озерное
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The name of the lake has two variants of translation: “Manjurek” - foggy mountain and “Manin Sayagon Oro” - fenced basin, which reflects the geographical position of the lake. In its form, the lake resembles an ellipse, stretching in length to 1,112 m. The width varies from the smallest values ​​to 240 m and the depth varies from 2.5 to 2.8 m. The water in the lake is not very transparent. The lake completely freezes in November, and opens over the entire area at the same time at the end of April. In June, its water is heated to +20 +24 degrees Celsius. Lake water is considered healing. In addition, the lake is also the only place in Altai where a water nut (chilim) is preserved. This plant is included in the Red Book of both regional and state level due to the threat of extinction. Edita Piekha's song is devoted to the lake: “Tell me, my friend, What is Manzherok? Maybe this is a town, Maybe this is an island? ”- the singer first performed this song on“ Blue Flame, on a stage built on the lake itself, thirty meters from the shore, after which the song became a nationwide hit. On the shore of the lake is located GLK Manzherok.
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