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респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Парковое респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Парковое
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Mountain pass - pass the Devil's Ladder - has long been known to people. It was also used by Roman legionnaires who were heading from Chersonesos to the Kharaks fortress on Cape Ai-Todor. Shaitan-Merdven, Merdven, Ladder, Ladder, Devil's Ladder - this is the name of this pass. Despite the fact that there are many paths and paths through the gorges across the Main ridge, there are no more similar place names in the Crimea. The most important value of the Devil's Ladder in ancient times is the road and the pass. Here was the shortest way from the foothills to the southern coast through the Main ridge. A lot of people visited the Devil's ladder, leaving memories of it in diaries, letters, literary and scientific works. Pushkin, Griboedov, Dubois de Monpere, Pallas, Zhukovsky, Bunin, Garin-Mikhailovsky, Bryusov, The Wanderer - a whole constellation of celebrities. The poetic lines of Lesya Ukrainka vividly convey the impression of visiting the mountains.
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