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Пензенская обл., г. Пенза, пл. Маршала Жукова Пензенская обл., г. Пенза, пл. Маршала Жукова
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The third and final part of the memorial complex “To the Glory of Russian Weapons” was opened in Penza on June 22, 2017. The historical moment was timed to the anniversary of the start of World War II, but not only fallen on its fronts, but also heroes of the preceding eight centuries, are immortalized on it. The pedestal of the stele is made of granite. In the center there is a bronze heraldic sign in the form of a laurel wreath with fragments of various types of weapons. The bas-reliefs perpetuate the images of six commanders personifying, in the opinion of the creators of the complex, the glory of Russian weapons: Prince Alexander Nevsky, Suvorov and Kutuzov, General Brusilov, Marshal Zhukov and Generalissimo Stalin. On the contrary, the key moments of the military history of the Fatherland are the Battle on the Ice with the Swedes, the battle for the Devil's Bridge, the Brusilov breakthrough, the Red flag over the Reichstag. Penza sculptor Alexander Bem, the creator of the first two parts of the memorial, became the author of the final series of the Afghan Gate complex “To the Glory of Russian Weapons”. Variants of the appearance of the sculpture were worked out since 2014. Funds for the creation of a grandiose complex were raised by war veterans - those who are not indifferent to their history and the memory of their comrades.
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