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Пермский край, г Пермь Пермский край, г Пермь
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Perm wooden sculpture is one of the main symbols of the Perm region and a bright page in Russian art. This is a unique phenomenon that was common in churches in the north of the Perm region in the 17-19 centuries. The sculpture itself, as part of art and religion, has no analogues. The history of its origin goes back to the times when the Orthodox Church tried to force the church to force the church, that is, to give all faces a flat image. But the local people, adhering to the traditions of paganism, completely refused to use such images and continued to cut out Jesus and other saints in a voluminous form, to dress, decorate them, to give gifts and food. And how much the Orthodox Church did not fight, it could not eradicate this habit in the peoples of the north of the Perm Territory.
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