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Пермский край, г. Пермь, ул. Пермская, 200 Пермский край, г. Пермь, ул. Пермская, 200
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The menu of the restaurant “Hunter” was based on the desire to revive the traditional Russian hunting cuisine, slightly adapting it to the modern taste. The Perm region is rich in forests and game, and the traditions of Russian cooking in the aspect of game dishes are even richer. In "Hunting" cooperate with proven suppliers, local forestry. Here are served steaks, dinner, game meat dumplings. There is also a “Dish of real hunters” here: marinated elk from the grill, wild boar cutlets, and beaver donuts. In the future, it is planned to include a beaver tail and homemade sausages from all types of game in the menu. Served in the restaurant and fish: shish kebab from catfish, "Royal" hodgepodge of sterlet, salmon and other dishes.
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