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Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Гурзуф, ул. Санаторная (Нагорная), 3Б Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Гурзуф, ул. Санаторная (Нагорная), 3Б
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The museum is located in the picturesque historical part of Gurzuf, the castle "FortUna", at the sanatorium "Gurzufsky". Visitors to the museum can get acquainted with the collection of magnets from all over the world, with the life and lifestyle of ancient peoples living in the ancient Crimea. The museum exhibits items in the form of mannequins with armor of warriors, stands on the history of the Ancient Crimea, as well as magnetic maps of Russia and the Crimea. Museum guests will learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of ancient Gurzuf and Memomagnetics. A visit to the Museum of Magnets is possible in the following form: excursion (30 min.), Excursion + quest (1 hour), lesson in Crimean Studies (2 hours). During the excursions and lessons, visitors become familiar with the features of the following sections: mama magnetics (collecting magnets), history of the ancient world, Crimea geography, Crimea toponymy, ethnography of the Ancient Crimea, flags and coats of arms of the world, physical maps with magnets of Russian cities (with the coat of arms and year of foundation ), 56 categories of magnets placed on the stands. Museum of Magnets - the first and only in the Crimea and Russia.
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