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Псковская обл, Пушкиногорский р-н, тер Михайловское, д 1 Псковская обл, Пушкиногорский р-н, тер Михайловское, д 1
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The settlement is located in the Pushkinogorsky District, one kilometer from the village of Mikhailovskoye on the bank of the Sorot River. Savkina Gorka is a monument of Russian antiquity. Already in the 9th – 13th centuries, there was an urban settlement with developed crafts. In the XIV century, the fortified city became empty (presumably as a result of enemy invasion or natural disaster). Now Savkina Hill is a large hill, which has almost regular geometric shape and steep slopes, which indicates the possibility of its use as a defensive structure. The name “Savkina” stuck in connection with the preserved ancient tombstone with a half-erased inscription: “Put the Cross of Sawwa Pop” in Summer 7021 and the cross (summer 7021 is the year 1513). Savkina Gorka was the favorite place of the poet Alexander Pushkin, he intended to acquire these lands as property. On the hill built a chapel. The hill overlooks the neighborhood of Mikhailovsky, the village of Dedovtsy, Zimara, Deriglazovo, Petrovskoe.
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