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Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Виноградное, ул. Яузы, 28 Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Виноградное, ул. Яузы, 28
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"Glade of fairy tales" - a unique children's museum of sculptures on a fabulous theme in the open. It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the South Coast of Crimea, in the picturesque surroundings of Yalta near the Uchan-Su waterfall, in the forest at the foot of the quaint rocky Stavri-Kaya.  Created a fabulous glade and populated it with bizarre characters in 1960, folk craftsman Pavel Bezrukov. Today the museum’s exposition consists of more than 300 sculptures made by craftsmen and professional artists not only from Yalta and other cities of Crimea, but also from Kiev, Kharkov, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Moscow, Pervouralsk, Yerevan, Vilnius. In the hands of talented craftsmen, a simple tree, ordinary clay, cold metal and concrete turned into characters of fairy tales, epics, legends and myths. Adults and children, having got on the “Glade of fairy tales”, find themselves in a circle of well-known and beloved fairy-tale heroes, and in the hut on chicken legs dwells “the real” Baba Yaga. Children really like the fact that they can not only look at their favorite characters, but take a picture with them, touch and even climb them, as well as make funny faces in the Kingdom of crooked mirrors, laugh at clowns and wonder magic of magicians.
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Anonymous (Инна) 6 months ago
Интересное место, которое понравится не только детям, но и взрослым. Много сказочных персонажей, знакомых с детства. Сам парк чистый, уютные зеленые аллеи. Все фигуры яркие и очень похожи на свои прототипы. Есть возможность взять экскурсию или побродить самим. Также много различных сувенирных лавочек.
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