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Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Виноградное, ул. Бахчисарайское шоссе, 17 А, литер Б, офис 3 Республика Крым, г. Ялта, пгт Виноградное, ул. Бахчисарайское шоссе, 17 А, литер Б, офис 3
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Theater of marine animals "Aquatoria" is part of the largest and best dolphinariums of the Crimea. The main task of the dolphinarium is to popularize knowledge about marine animals, to preserve the endangered populations of marine mammals. The world of dolphins is so huge that it is impossible to solve all the riddles. For the care and attention shown by the not indifferent spectators and guests of the “Aquatoria”, the animals give the audience their spectacular performances, with pleasure demonstrating their talents. Breaking out of the huge metropolis for several hours and recharging with an unforgettable positive in the Yalta Dolphinarium, relaxing with loved ones, looking at the cute and cheerful sea inhabitants - what could be more noble and beautiful? In the dolphinarium you can swim with a dolphin: this is a specially designed program in which you can feel like a first-class coach, communicating with a dolphin, and not just be in the water next to dolphins. A unique project that united people and animals on the same stage allowed individual acting qualities to be shown not only to humans, but also to animals. Until now, it was believed that an animal is a kind of creature that can execute commands. But how to explain the look, acting, reaction to the viewer, the excitement before going on stage? Undoubtedly, dolphins, sea cats and lions, white whales and walruses are not just inhabitants of the seas and oceans, they are real artists, who are rightly called stars.
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