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Испания, Barcelona, Av. del Tibidabo, 1 Испания, Barcelona, Av. del Tibidabo, 1
+34 933 19 66 00 +34 933 19 66 00
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"High" cuisine on the highest point of Barcelona. A restaurant with three Michelin stars is located on the Tibidabo hill. It is most convenient to climb to it on the funicular, and as a bonus for dinner you can get great views of the city. Very beautiful restaurant in the eponymous five-star hotel in an ultra-modern building with access to a lush garden and wonderful lighting. In 2011 he was recognized as the best restaurant in Barcelona. Chef is the owner of two Michelin stars, the youngest Spanish culinary genius who received the first Michelin star at 25, Jordi Cruz. The restaurant offers two types of tasting menu, the standard one for 135 euros is wider for 165 euros. Some of the dishes on this menu are cream soup made of sweet potatoes and ceps, marinated mackerel with saffron, avocado tartar and crab with basil ice cream, black cod with truffle, bamboo foie, lobster bolognaise. Bread and butter deserve special mention. This extravaganza of taste that you will remember for a long time. Pay attention to the dishes, appliances and glasses of the restaurant. The wine collection is represented by more than 900 names of the best wines of the old and the new world. Before or after the meal we recommend to look at the Lounge Bar located here. Great cocktails and a very calm, relaxing atmosphere. Despite the fact that the restaurant is considered one of the most expensive in Barcelona, ​​it is extremely popular, so we advise you to book a table in advance, otherwise you risk not getting into the restaurant.
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