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Тула, Жаворонкова, 1а Тула, Жаворонкова, 1а
+7 487 231-88-99 +7 487 231-88-99
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The Avgustin beer restaurant is a special format of the restaurant, offering both a wide range of beer and culinary dishes served in ordinary restaurants. Here you can prepare hot and cold appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes, meat dishes and desserts. But nevertheless, cooks strive to create in such establishments a kind of culinary flavor, including in the menu of beer restaurants those dishes that contribute to the consumption of beer. After all, if the usual restaurants of Tula put culinary masterpieces at the forefront, then visitors come here to drink a specialty beer drink. Many beer restaurants in Tula attract customers due to the wide beer card, which includes Czech, German, Irish and other types of beer. But a fresh frothy drink is something special, allowing you to feel an unusual, rich, caressing palate. On the website of Tula Avgustin restaurant you can get acquainted with our menu of dishes and beer, which is brewed at our brewery. Also with us you can spend a holiday in the banquet hall or book a table to sit with family or friends.
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