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COME TO SAVE THE SPAINS OF SPAIN! An authentic Spanish tapas bar in the heart of Clayton, this Spanish translation of the "neighbor bar" is always busy at the busy bar or in the courtyard on Central Avenue. The walls are made of bright saffron and crimson with teal accents. As in Spain, dried salted fish and red pepper strings frame the lively open kitchen. Bring a glass of Sangria to your friends to share the gossip of the day. As juices flow in Sangria, you will want to enjoy tapas! Here you get real Spanish fried artichokes with Romésco sauce, baked goat cheese melted in tomato sauce, grilled beef tenderloin, pinchos with Cabrales cheese, red wine tuna and balsamic sauce or a plate of Serrano ham, Mahon cheese and Spanish olives . Plenty of parking space is available on either side of the street or in the back parking through a small side street on the south side of the block.
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