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Барнаул, Победы площадь, 3 Барнаул, Победы площадь, 3
+7 385 220-16-02 +7 385 220-16-02
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Restaurant "Barnaul" elegantly located in the heart of the city. If life and movement are boiling outside, then inside there is a refined and cozy atmosphere. Feel the mood of comfort and luxury only during a personal visit to the restaurant. Restaurant "Barnaul" is an institution with special traditions. Here you can easily hold a business meeting, dine in a circle of loved ones or have a romantic evening. In the restaurant "Barnaul" you can have breakfast until the evening, and dinner can be delayed until the morning! This is a place that does not want to leave! The interior of the restaurant "Barnaul" is filled with finesse. Soft light, chocolate and golden shades of furniture help each guest to feel in a homely atmosphere. At the same time, Barnaul restaurant is ready not only for secluded meals. 500 seats can hospitably accommodate even the largest company. The advantage of the restaurant "Barnaul" is the kitchen! The variety of dishes will surprise any gourmet. Honoring traditions and understanding of modernity, simplicity in execution and fantasy in taste give an amazing combination of clarity and author's originality. At guests' disposal, the chef offers both favorite dishes of Russian, European, home cooking, as well as author’s dishes. The pride of the Barnaul restaurant is the bar. It is not only impressive for its size (32 meters in diameter), but also for its qualitative approach to serving according to international standards of restaurants. The bar list is multifaceted: here is the widest collection of alcoholic beverages from light to the strongest. For lovers of hookah, a special card is provided. Table setting will impress guests with English exclusive dishes.
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