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ottleRock LA is a great place to stop by with a friend for a drink after work. Enjoy a beer from the top of the long list, a handmade cocktail or a glass of international red or white wine. Sit at the bar and have a snack on small plates, such as a jelapeno cheddar pretzel, red curry mussels or stewed sliders with short ribs. The rush hour menu is available all day on Sunday, and during extended hours until the end of the week. BottleRock is the perfect place to date. Comfortable and cozy tables allow you to relax in conversation, while you try one of more than 800 bottles of wine and enjoy the hot entrance. Hotel WineRock LA hosts wine tastings throughout the year. Check the online calendar for upcoming events or call to create your personal event by contacting staff. Select the date, wine and food to be served.
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