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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Balmes, 139 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Balmes, 139
+34 932 18 31 93 +34 932 18 31 93
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At 60, the owner and chef of Can Boneta restaurant realized that the architecture that he had been engaged in all his life was not his true vocation, but he could become truly happy and realized if he dedicated himself to the culinary world. Internal call did not let Joan. Having found his place at the plate of his own restaurant, he began to delight residents and guests of Barcelona with delicious dishes according to his own unusual recipes. The restaurant is chamber-style, there are only six small marble tables and a very cozy interior of a classic Spanish tavern. In the menu all kinds of snacks, salads and hot dishes. The portions are small, but the prices are extremely affordable, which allows you to try almost everything by ordering three dishes per person. Modern Catalan cuisine in all its glory. You will be delighted with the typical “empedrat” salad of chickpeas and smoked cod, also try the bread with tomatoes and top-quality olive oil, tuna ravioli, chicken-stuffed peppers and mutton with mashed potatoes, which literally melt in your mouth. For dessert, order a carrot cake or homemade ice cream from figs or mangoes. Among other things, there are excellent cheap wines and very attentive service. At the end of the meal, Joan will personally ask for your opinion. The average bill per person is 25 euros, which is a real gift for a kitchen of such a high level. Be sure to reserve a table in advance by phone, here even among the weeks there is always a full house.
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