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Crazy Rock'n Sushi in West Hollywood is popular with both locals and visitors for its fresh and thirsty Japanese food made from fine ingredients and served in a relaxed and charming setting. Delicious crunchy tuna and tomatoes are served on the fried pelt, wonton, and steamed dumplings with shrimps make noise and tasty snacks. Some of Crazy Rock'n Sushi’s signature sushi rolls include Rockstar, cooked with baked crayfish, mushrooms, masago and California onion green roll, sweet roll with shrimp love in shrimp and freshwater eel, topped with spicy tuna and crunch, and home roll with tuna, salmon, yellow tail and avocado wrapped in cucumber. Crazy Rock'n Sushi also has a delicious selection of noodle and teriyaki dishes. Crazy Rock'n Sushi also has a special beer and liquor imported from Japan, and it offers visitors 50% of certain sushi roll dishes during the day, every day.
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