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Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli, 43 Греция, Athina, Rovertou Galli, 43
+30 21 0923 3182 +30 21 0923 3182
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The restaurant has been receiving visitors for over 50 years. Dionysos is located next to the Acropolis. You can sit on the terrace of the second floor, which offers a beautiful view of the city, in a closed room or in the courtyard in the shade of trees. In the evenings there is live music. Table must be reserved in advance. The kitchen is headed by chef Xaris Nikoluzos. The restaurant serves modern Greek cuisine. Salads and cold snacks cost an average of 20 euros: a tomato tartar with prosciutto will cost 19 euros; beef carpaccio with grilled vegetables, greens, young arugula, pickled mushrooms and smoked pepper - 19 euros. Soups offer 12 euros, hot snacks (shrimps with apricot cream, lobster ravioli, foie gras) - 25 euros each. A separate menu page is devoted to pasta and risotto (an average of 20 euros). The main dishes are meat (30–40 euros) and seafood (35 euros). Desserts (average cost - 14 euros) are popular pistachio baklava with vanilla ice cream, lemon mousse with meringue and lemon sorbet, orange cake with homemade ice cream, chocolate souffle, Flemish crepe Suzette and many others. For a bottle of wine you need to pay from 20 euros.
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