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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer dels Sombrerers, 7 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer dels Sombrerers, 7
+34 937 82 63 30 +34 937 82 63 30
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In the Bourne district, an excellent in all respects institution El Chigre 1769 opened, where there are delicious oysters, seven types of vermouth, a beautiful interior, excellent service and a kitchen that works without a break from noon to midnight. From the creators of the Llamber restaurant, their new creation on the street to the left of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar is the institution where you can go in the morning, at lunch or in the evening and get great pleasure. Stylish interior, cool music and the very size of the institution are ideal for cozy and unlimited in time get-togethers with friends. It harmoniously mixed recipes from Asturias and Catalonia. Order smoked sardines, octopus croquettes, cheese platter, Asturian beans with chorizo ​​and a cup of flavored vermouth or refreshing cider. If you want a more serious meal, then pay attention to fresh fish and seafood, which lie on the ice at the bar - you can show the waiter what kind of fish you like, and it will be prepared for you. We advise you to try wild sea bass with seaweed chimichurri sauce, which four people can easily eat. By the way, this is an institution with an open kitchen, you can not only try the magic dishes of local masters, but also watch it live behind the mystery of cooking. The average bill from 20 to 40 euros per person.
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