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Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya, 14 Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya, 14
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El Corte Inglés is the largest Spanish department store chain in the country, began its history with an atelier that sews clothes for children. The atelier was located between the city streets of Carmen, Rompelanzas and Preciados. The founder of the El Corte Inglés network, Ramon Arequez Rodriguez, started his business by acquiring an atelier in 1934 and founded a private company on its basis. There are five supermarkets of El Corte Ingles network in Barcelona: Placa de Catalunya, 14; two on Avinguda Diagonal (buildings 471-473 and 617); Avinguda Portal de l’Angel, 19 and Can Drago - Pg. d’Andreu Nin, 51. These are the most popular department stores not only in Barcelona, ​​but throughout Spain, with a huge range of products. In the shopping center on Plaza Catalunya on 9 floors plus an incredible amount of shops and all kinds of establishments are located on 2 underground levels. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, leather goods, home and office goods, interior design items, linen, audio, video and computer equipment, dishes, medicines, products in a department store, etc. Plus, this place is suitable not only for shopping, but also partly for leisure. You can arrange tax free.
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