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Located near the USC campus in Los Angeles, El Paissa Mexican Grill is a local favorite for its incredibly fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine served in its lively and friendly restaurant. Homemade and bottomless tortilla chips with salsa and puffy shrimp Quesadilla make delicious and tasty snacks for beginners. Some of the El Paissa Mexican Grill specialties include grilled chicken breast with roast potato sauce, covered with spicy roast potatoes, Carnitas estilo Michoacan sauce, tender and juicy pork carnités, tacito dorado de papa potatoes wrapped in tortillas and fried crispy slices. and Chile Relleno de Queso, all of which are ready for excellence and beautifully presented. Lighter snacks, such as cake sandwiches and classic shrimp tacos, are perfect for ice-cream margarita or beer. As a sweet dish, you can enjoy the rich El Paissa Mexican Grill quiche cakes.
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