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Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de Sant Joan, 72 Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de Sant Joan, 72
+34 932 50 36 80 +34 932 50 36 80
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If you are no longer surprised by fresh seafood and fish and the body requires meat, head to El Rincón Criollo restaurant. Perhaps one of the best steak bars in Barcelona. The place is, of course, Argentine and to good meat here are literally like a shrine. Such huge and juicy steaks, as here you will not find, perhaps, anywhere! In addition: great condiments, delicious salads and an elegant, rustic interior. El Rincón Criollo meat is really first class. It is delivered here from the best farms and cooked on a stone grill with special coal. On such a grill steaks are tender and juicy, and skillfully mixed spices give the meat a special taste. The best traditions of the famous meat-eaters of the Argentines met here one hundred percent. In addition to steaks, you can enjoy delicious sausages made from different types of meat, meat sandwiches, cakes and couscous salads. For dessert, try pancakes with condensed milk - here they are also very tasty. In addition to the amazing cuisine, El Rincón Criollo has a beautiful design in the style of an Argentine ranch: wooden floor and furniture, lots of light, and on the walls there are photos of native fields and cowboy hats. Dine or dine here is a pleasure, besides, the prices for such a luxurious kitchen are quite reasonable. A full meal for two with two excellent steaks will cost you 40-50 euros.
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