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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer dels Tallers, 74.B Испания, Barcelona, Carrer dels Tallers, 74.B
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The new Flax & Kale restaurant in Upper Ravale, Barcelona, ​​is the perfect place for lovers of healthy and delicious food. The menu is built on the principle of modern “flexitarianism”, this is when you are practically a vegetarian all the time, but sometimes you make an exception and add fish or meat to your diet. The restaurant's menu includes a large selection of strictly vegan and fish dishes, products without heat treatment and gluten, plus wonderful cold-pressed fresh juices. On weekends there is a super healthy brunch, and in the middle of the week - delicious breakfasts and lunches. Try the local tuna burger or miniburger with salmon, pasta with spirulina, salmon and parmesan, rice with vegetables and red curry, keila chips, salad with goat cheese and ravioli with pumpkin and carrots. Local desserts stagger the imagination. Prices above average, dishes from 8 euros and above, but it is worth it. Here come the locals and tourists who are willing to pay a little more for quality and wholesome food. By luck, Flax & Kale shares its space with another brainchild of the same family - a bar of fresh juices and healthy Teresa’s Juicery. Vegan milkshakes and juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are made using special cold-pressed technology. Of course, to save more vitamins and other nutrients than during the usual spin. Perhaps Teresa will take care of your health better than you. By the way, after a long weekend weekend, go here for a brunch like a real rehab. Here they make homemade yogurt from coconut milk, which the Hollywood modern hangover wrecks, as well as a salad with goji berries, toast with avocado, vegetable croissants on eco-margarine and gluten free muffins.
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