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Good Girl Dinette’s restaurant serves Vietnamese fusion dishes and American fast food on a frequently changing menu. Drop in for lunch or brunch or enjoy a cozy dinner with the whole family. There is also a weekend brunch where visitors can enjoy traditional dishes such as steak and eggs or a bowl for breakfast, as well as dishes such as black pepper confit with breaded egg and breakfast baths. Lunch and dinner at the Good Girl Dinette can start with appetizers, including summer cabbage, imperial rolls, caramelized ginger, spicy french fries and shrimp bans. The menu includes rice noodle salads, rice dishes and pies with pots. Check out the grandmother's pho, which comes with chicken breast, beef brisket and tofu with chili oil from lemongrass. Grandpa's porridge served with beef, chicken, mushrooms and shallots. Good Girl Dinette also offers smaller appetite items, desserts, coffee and tea.
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