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Барнаул, Социалистический проспект, 109 Барнаул, Социалистический проспект, 109
+7 385 262-82-77 +7 385 262-82-77
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Eastern cuisine is different in that cooking takes very little time - consuming it, on the contrary, is a process of relaxation, meditative and thoughtful exercise. Restaurant "Hieroglyph" is a great place to hold a business meeting (nothing awakens mutual respect in people as a reminder of the traditions of the East), a friendly dinner in a cozy and unusual atmosphere, a romantic date with a fleet of riddles, an opportunity to spend time with your family. In addition, the institution holds events specifically for children. The oriental restaurant is not only and not so much a place where you can taste exotic dishes. It is an opportunity to join the culture of other countries, to feel the atmosphere of Japan and China, the transparency of food aesthetics. "Hieroglyph" is an excellent cuisine, a wide choice of drinks, an exclusive interior. Our establishment is not just an attempt to reproduce to the smallest detail the external attributes of the ceremony. This is an opportunity to plunge into another world, take a break from everyday life and try something new, which we hope will become a pleasant tradition for each of the visitors of the restaurant. Restaurant "Hieroglyph" - these are two VIP cabins, where you can spend time alone. These are zones with sofas and zones with chairs - you choose the degree of comfort yourself. Also here you can relax with a hookah or smoke a good cigar after a meal. Our waiters will always carefully listen to your wishes to the chef - your individual order will be fulfilled with maximum precision. Each ordered dish is prepared from scratch - guaranteed freshness, fast cooking, unobtrusive care of the staff, delicious desserts, such as chocolate roll - the calling card of our institution.
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